The Sheeft Way

On-demand transportation with the right technology is our core service, and the app that connects driver-partners and riders is what makes it all possible. We are providing a solution that eradicates the hassle and stress of daily commuters' transportation.

Riding with Sheeft

Just create a group and invite your co-workers, friends or families to join. Easy RIght! Riding has never been this easy and flexible. Whether sitting in front or at the back of the vehicle, you get to enjoy a comfortable ride to your destination.

Our Driving System Stands Out

Whether rider or Partner-Drivers, we pay attention to our driving system with data and technology. We want to help with easy and safe transportation from point A to B, by removing the stress of harassment and theft. We believe transportation can change a way of life when is it reliable, safe and seamless.

Safety First and Always

Your security is more important for us. We are committed to keeping each ride safe right from the moment you step in. With technologies, systems and protocols in place, we want to create a world where transportation is easy, reliable, comfortable and safe.