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Requirements To Drive

Listed below are items needed to drive on sheeft.

Age? 18+

You have to be 18 years or older of age with a valid driver’s license to drive with Sheeft.

Android / iOS Smartphone

You will need an Android or iOS device to view and receive bookings on our app.

Car / Sedan / Hiace / Coaster

Depending on the category you want to drive, either single trips or group trips, your vehicle must meet some requirements.

Verification & Screening

The verification process may include identity check, background check, drug tests, police reports, credit checks etc.

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Top questions from Drivers

1How do i create an account?
You can download the Sheeft app from Google play store and App Store to create an account
2Is Sheeft available in my State/City?
Presently, Sheeft is available to residents in Lagos State only. Keep an eye open, we are coming to your city soon.
3How safe is Sheeft?
Sheeft is fully secured and we go through series of verification before employing our drivers.
4Do i need to own a vehicle?
Yes, to become a partner-driver, you need to come onboard with a vehicle.
5How does the Sheeft Drivers app work
Once you are a registered driver, all you have to do is log in with your phone number, verify the OTP code sent and connect. You will start receiving ride requests from the passengers closest to your position, and you’ll be shown pickup and drop-off locations.