Get to work with colleagues and associates without stress at an affordable price.

You deserve better getting to work without the stress of Danfo madness. Get around with families, friends, colleagues and associates. It’s safe, comfortable and worth it.

How Sheeft Works

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Always the ride you want

Moments to always cherish.
Enjoy comfortable and secure rides with your loved ones.
We know you care more about them; So do We!

So Many Ways To Get You There

3 different ways to get you to your destination —
whether you want to go Friends, Co-Workers or Community

Create A Group of 4

Make the most of a car by
sharing it with other riders.

Create A Group of 6

More Space, More Comfort. Ride with your colleagues easily

Create A Group of 15

A ride for any occasion:
Co-Workers, Executive and more.

Create A Group of 30

A premium experience for those
extra-special events.
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We Know You Like Driving

Earn more money weekly driving for Sheeft.
Drive commuters from their pick up to their drop off point on a daily
to make side money on the go. You decide when to get paid;
either weekly or monthly.